What is the B.I.G.S. and how can it help the Boerboel ?

B.I.G.S. (Boerboel International Genetic Screening) is a series of DNA tests to look for traits and disorders in the genetic make up of a dog.
In this case the boerboel.

This can be an eye or kidney disorders etc etc.
145 health tests in total 24 tests concerning the Genotype of a dog.
Does the dog carry the livernose gene, Black and Tan or longhair gene, information about the coat colours. etc
Included in the package is also a DNA profile, done according the ISAG standard.

The DNA profile can, in the BI database, be used to determine the parenthood of a dog if a DNA profile is present of the father, mother and the pup.
We will show you a good example, to the importance of this testing:

A lot of the boerboel breeders/owners know Piona Lugar, a well known studmale from the past. He is present in a lot of pedigrees.
Piona Lugar, among other old dogs, is also one of the old dogs used for the breed profile.

He had: 236 children, 1925 Grand children and 4696 Great Grand Children.

What a lot of people do not know is the fact that Piona Lugar was carrier of:

Canine Multifocal Retinopathy 1 (cmr1) | Eye Disorder.
  Hyperuricosuria and Hyperuricemia (HUU) or Urolithiasis | Kidney disorder
Livernose gene.

This is exactly why BI always ask breeders to be ware of the Popular Sire Syndrome !!
So he passed on 3 different disorders/traits.
This means genetically:

Mating a carrier X non carrier = 50% of all children are carrier. 50% is free.
Mating a carrier X a carrier = 25% Affected /sufferer. 50% is carrier. 25% is free !!

Imagine how many dogs in your dogs pedigrees have/carry disorders that are undetected…….

This proves the importance of ANY (popular) Sire being completely tested before he starts mating !
The price of the B.I.G.S. and DNA tests are to be found on the mainpage under: ”Fees and Costs.”

Genetic testing is the only way forward !